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This tile is from We Are Not Elitists We Just Work Hard (Invite Only)

Comment: Train
By: root88
Checked out at: April 25, 2001
Checked in at: April 25, 2001
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Verrrry nice :-)
Love the unified perspective and vanishing point with the tile next to this one. I hope this keeps on going with this quilt and the color scheme pretty much the same ;-)
its all good
I have a feeling you cheated dude ;). Doesn't really matter though, it's perfect.
Re: its all good
It's probably similar to what I would have drawn given that tile at the outset. You can definitely see the perspective involved, and the enough of it that resembles a wall or a train wall or whatever.
Re: its all good
I didn't cheat, but thanks for the compliment! :)

I drew paths in photoshop out at the angles I could see from the neighboring tile. I extended the colors on the edge outward along the paths, added a door and a few small details and I was done. It really wasn't that hard.
I like it alot. I works so well with my tile. Good job.