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Comment: The foot steps on the dollhouse
Checked out at: April 26, 2001
Checked in at: April 27, 2001
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That foot...
Without looking at what it turned into to the right, your foot doesn't really read as a foot.. From the outline of it, it looks like it's a right foot (the ball of the foot sticking out to the left), but that would make the toe on the far left the "big toe"... and it's the same as the other 3 shown.

If it's a left foot, then there shouldn't be a bump that sharp on the left side, and the big toe would be JUST in the view on the right.

It also looks kinda flat overall due to the solid, flat colors on both the floor and the hand/foot. I might have brightened up the red as it got closer to the viewer, and maybe even played around with bluring the foot to make it seem out of focus (as if the viewer was supposed to be looking at the chair).