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This tile is from We Are Not Elitists We Just Work Hard (Invite Only)

Comment: The Bad Traveller
By: Reko
Checked out at: May 18, 2001
Checked in at: May 18, 2001
Checkout tile:


Did you...
... upload the wrong layer or something? Where's this chair yer talking about?
I like your other tiles, but I don't think this one is up to your or the invite only quilt's quality.
Godammit =/
I had a damn stage in there with a chair and a spotlight =/ I don't know what's going on here... I'm sorry, I don't know what happened =/
Re: Godammit =/
Email the original tile to [email protected] and maybe we can fix it. Possibly you uploaded the wrong tile?
Re: Re: Godammit =/
I had the tile to the right... is his finished going to change the 15 pixel band I was given? What I entered could probably be changed a bit to fix it... but I'd hate to get blamed for bad blending. ;)

What's the final ruling on this one? I'd love to see the tile as the artist intended it.
Maybe a Redo?
Is there any way to blank this tile out and give it back to nessahead as a 4 border startup perhaps?
Re: Maybe a Redo?
Yeah, I could do that. If you want me to do that, email me, nessahead.

I'm not sure this is much better... You just ignored all the elements of the surrounding tiles and faded them into your concept.

You invite-only guys correct me if I'm wrong on this ;)
Re: Hmmm...
Yeah, this turned out worse than I expected. I phased out of the whole tiling thing when i started doing that wall behind the guy and it probably made it look even worse. On the other hand, this was the very first idea I got after I checked the tile. It sort of screamed something in the middle since there's all those lines coming from left, right and above. Last, but not least this thing is way too high in contrast compared to the tiles around it. arghh...

Well, it was my first tile with all the edges visible. These things are hard and shouldn't be done without preplanning :) I just usually start painting the second I get the tile and see what comes up :->

Still, sorry for the sucky tile. I think nessahead would have wanted to do this one anyway (I didn't notice the thread about the previous tile until just minutes ago).
Re: Re: Hmmm...
it does stand out 2 much, bummer...
excellent drawing however
Re: Re: Re: Hmmm...
Yeah this was a tough one... I mean you had to start with just BROWN everywhere since we (surrounding tilers) blended off what was mostly the background layer of the previous tile. It'll do, I think. :)