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This tile is from Warm Fuzzy Mainquilters [Themed]

Comment: Cast of the Dragon
By: CyberX
Checked out at: November 11, 2001
Checked in at: November 11, 2001
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Mystety user
yeah man, that's pretty rad. I didn't expect this out of you. cool stuff indeed; it should be rather interesting to see once it fills in.
Re: dudical
Thanks! Yea I could tell I was dealing with some sort of reptile eye, I spent some time drawing out the bottom face but I ended up filling it with dragon like textures, with an attempt to create a chaotic but themed tile. Thanks for the feedback.

Mystety user
Re: Re: dudical
neat, I like the idea of "dragon-like textures'
I think it works well to make you think of dragons without actually drawing dragons or dragon parts. just features and colors. real cool thinking. it's kind of like fractals in a way