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Who am I?
Hi, I'm SPiRiToFCaT, I've been doing Computer Graphics a lot for about the last 4 months or so.

I've been mostly making signatures for people on forums that I am a member of.

Have a look at my Art gallery to see most of my recent work.

I found out aboutt his place from a friend on DFXP, I'm trying to convince more of my DFXP friends to join and have fun too but they seem a bit reluctant.
Oh well, I know how much fun it is here!
Posted a pic.
Look at that!
I posted a picture in my AIM id section... how cool is that?
You have some really funky and imaginative tiles. I especially like the dragon one!
Re: Cool!
Thanks, just wait till you see my new Mainquilt 11 tiles, they are of interesting theme, but VERY interesting style I think.
I just got me a Wacom Graphire 2 Graphics Tablet and Mainquilt 11 holds my first tablet tiles.