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How to take super cool photographs!
by Quantum-X

April 01, 2004

#1- Example - 1
The element of surprise. Posed photos are painfully obvious, and more oft than not, trite. Experiment with taking candid photographs when your subject wouldn't normally realise they were being photographed. Experiment with low, sharp angles. Note in this photograph, the subject shows a real expression. The flash shadow and red-eye proving even amateurs can take professional-styled, candid photography.

#2- Example - 2
Capture distress and trauma. The world's best photographers understand the key to a provoking and powerful photograph lies in the ability to capture raw emotions. It may sound hard, but with practice, anyone can take photographs of this nature! This photo was taken after a heated family dispute, and speaks volumes about the subject.

#3- Example -3
Experiment to style. Many of the world's leading photographers use the 'Experiment to Style' technique- by pushing your gear to the limits, you'll almost always get striking photographs! Elements to include are non-red eye flash, low-lighting situations to strain your auto-focus, and maximum digital zoom, if you're lucky enough to have this feature. As seen in this example, subjects such as pets in their nature state make photographs that everyone would agree are striking!


I take that this is a followup to the classic lensflare & emboss tutorial :)
inspirational tutorial!
"Experiment with taking candid photographs when your subject wouldn't normally realise they were being photographed." You mean... like the university cheer squad in the women's locker room after a game? Wow, never thought of this before! I bet that the pictures will turn out so great that the school newspaper will want to print them on the front page. I think that I've found new inspiration for taking photos. Thanks Quantum-X!
Re: inspirational tutorial!
Sounds inspirational~!
Yaoi boy!!!
sorry to mention this but the first photograph looked posed.....
not sure if it was but it just looked it