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This tile is from Newbies 6: The Childrens' Breakfast Cereal

Comment: Modeled after an old, beat up, and rusty sony mp3 player. I really like this one.
Checked out at: January 09, 2002
Checked in at: January 09, 2002
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Well, you get a 5... Mostly because you got RDJ playing on it ;))
It's going to look damn good in the quilt, too. I think...
Cool tile... and Aphex Twin kicks ass! (Did you hear he has a 100-minute quad-album coming??? - http://www.aphex-twin.com)
Re: Nice...
Do you mean the DrukQs?.. heheh... Have you read the FAQ explaining songtitles?
Fun :) It'd be great to get it someday... Not while in Russia, though.
Re: Re: Nice...
Yeah! He's a pretty wacky guy huh? I just ordered Drukqs today, maybe you could order it from an online retailer that ships to Russia.
Re: Re: Re: Nice...
I hope so... Rich's a lucky bastard, you see, we got the same mindmatrix,
he just managed to get to Cornwall, not this pig---- f------- (sorry Russians)
in the very beginning.. plus he made it about 20 years earlier.
finally someone blends well...
Re: nice
well, it's a good blend, but not perfect. What would have made this blend perfect is the lightning... see the lightning in the tile below goes a little curved, and when entering this tile, it goes right straight... it should keep getting curved with the same amount when it enters this tile...
now, this is not very important, yet it makes the tile less than perfect =)
I think the tile looks really great. It is usually not a good idea to draw horizontal lines the whole way across your tile though. When it gets mixed into a well blended quilt, it makes it look like someone didn't blend one of the edges. If the horzontal line curved down a bit, it would be more appealing to the eye, and the quilt would flow a bit more nicely.
i want to apologize
i made the tile on top of this, and i made a good one too, but it went invisible when i saved to png, and i didnt notice, then i uploaded it, a few days later i realized i screwed up, and i screwed up a good tile too, sorry.
Re: i want to apologize
i take is back, i guess everything turned out ok, i think your tile is good, except for the blue, it has a line of dark, and it looks kinda funky, you know.