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This tile is from Newbies 6: The Childrens' Breakfast Cereal

Comment: I don't like this composition much...
Checked out at: January 11, 2002
Checked in at: January 12, 2002
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I like it! Nice bright colours
It reminds me of those felt pads that one used to drive matchbox cars on. Ahh... nostalgia...
Re: I like it! Nice bright colours
Yeah, the same things came to mind when I looked at what I haev drawn...
I like your tiles and even if you think that your composition is not good, i think it is! 5 points from me! Lets make newbies better than mainquilters!
Re: Congradulations!
Hey thanks buddy :)
I agree that Newbies quilt is getting much, much groovier than that
piece o'stuff that's supposed to be 'mainquilter' quilt.
Let's turn the world upside down!
the thing about composition...
...and tiles is that you aren't drawing an individual image. So on a tile level the composition may suck (and in this case I don't think it does), often on a quilt level it's all good.
Re: the thing about composition...
That was kinda useful, thx :)
Re: Re: the thing about composition...
While I completely disagree and think that the mainquilt looks better, it makes no difference. All the same people are working on both quilts. It's not a newbies only quilt like previous ones. The maximum score for the newbies quilt is normally much lower than 50, between 5 and 25 actually. The really good tilers normally aren't even allowed, and don't care to work on the newbies quilt. We are just approaching this one differently.