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This tile is from Warm Fuzzy Mainquilters [Themed]

Comment: Casualty of thirst
By: Syzygy
Checked out at: November 11, 2001
Checked in at: November 11, 2001
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Only one comment...
... in regards to the shadow. I think the edges wouldn't be so sharp, and it wouldn't be so black. Otherwise, it's a fantastic tile. :)
Mystety user
is it?
Is that Link's skull from the Return of the Mainquilter's Quilt?
he was pretty thirsty.
thanks for the comments
yeah, its my first time making an object purely using shading, and it was pretty hard. Yes, I did get the idea from my previous tile. Well, I'm gonna try this shading thing again, hope it will work out better this time around. [THANKS TONCHYZ for the tutorials, especially the darth maul one!]
I hate being an asshole, but I'm sorry, this deserves it.... 2.5? Please, someone PLEASE tell me why I get less than a 3 for this tile... Does someone out there hate me? Seriously. I would like to know why my contributions are not appreciated here. And please, anything that you have to dsay to me, regardless of the second 2 rules of posting, please do say it. I would like to know anything you have to say. I think this is one of the better tiles that I have made. The score it got... well... a 3 would be fine. I wouldn't mind a 3. That at least says to me that I made some mistakes and I can fix them with another tile. A 2.5? Urg.... I hope people understand this outburst and forgive it, I think it needed to be said. I am seriously contemplating quitting forever now. I'll try to make it onto IRC to talk to people there.
Re: 2.5?
Not to be rude, but...

I voted low on this tile because it's completely unoriginal (see 50ft quilt, either skull!), it was an easy blend, and you used a photo. Tracing...err I mean shading over a photo doesn't count as drawing in my book either.

If you say you drew that tile from scratch, let me see the original photoshop file to prove it, and I will vote 5 on all of your tiles, make a public apology, and never bother you again.
Re: Just a thought...
Hi Lazyass-
I was here when you came to ice.org and I always found time to treat you fairly and even remember leaving you comments when I voted. I always spoke to you in encouragement.Tonight, I voted you a four on this tile, simply to balance the scales of injustice. If you think that quitting this site will help you or answer the problem here, then you must do this. I think that if you do quit it wiil be because someone out here has shot you down from the background and quitting will only make them feel that they are better than you. People who vote negatively and then run, usually don't care about helping you or seeing you improve, they simply want to hurt you, much as in the sick spirit that those terrorists hit and ran on America. They didn't want to be known either! Be modest in your anger or indignation lest they term you a disgruntled person unworthy of a viewpoint. Beware of cliques, for when you fall in disfavor with one, equal disfavor, comes from many who cling, not to the issue, but to factions, often groups of those who cluster together in a strange symbiosis, a blind loyalty among themselves.After all, if I nuzzle up to your ass, why wouldn't you nuzzle up to mine? Isn't this the way of the world? Did you think that tiling would be free of patronage? You have very little understanding of loyalties and "ego fluffing" as an artform in itself. Hell, even flaming is a great artform! You are doing fine with your tiling, I would suspect, too fine for someone out there who feels threatened by your talent and will work hard to hold you back.
Get used to it Lazyass, get used to it. Take my example, I did not come here simply to make friends and have received many kind gestures and well intended criticism from others and responded accordingly but still there are those who will never be happy. Treating others as friends does not assure that they will return the courtesy.
Every good artist must learn to take discipline, but discipline is not having someone push shit into your face and stand you up as a poor example before an arena. I have been deemed an ugly duckling by a few of them but I have not desired to quit. I am not here for those who want to make their personal statements and am not concerned with that popularity contest that runs in the background.Actually, I'm learning more about people here than I am about pixels! These are like rivalries of the schoolyard and even a sophomore could see through them. I make good tiles and I offer good commentary and it seems that both of these endeavors are intimidating to some who have shot my work down in the same way that they are sitting on you. You asked for a response to your question and I have responded to you. See if there is additional commentary added below my own and see what I infer about factions.
Meantime Lazyass, keep up a quality of work that makes you equal to all others here in that respect. I personally declined to submit any tiles on this quilt because I wanted to stay here at the sidelines and watch the judicial voting process unfold.I was sure that I'd see comments like yours. Don't let them break you down guy, you'll only lose out in the longrun! When someone wants to tar and feather you and run you out of town on the rail, get out front and make it look like a parade! Best Wishes, Eddie M.

Oh, and if speaking out about these things makes one an "asshole" (as you mentioned), well welcome to the breakfast club!
Re: Re: Just a thought...
His score is still a 3. Quitting tiling because of one bad vote would be a really silly thing to do. My advice... get over it, quit whining, make a new tile, stop caring so much what other people think.
Re: Re: Re: Just a thought...
Your wisdom is every bit as sharp as your artwork is and your example among the tilers here, is a shining example.You have all of the wisdom of Solomon in asking for only the chance to examine Syzygy's original file and to rethink the vote that you cast. Fairer than this, no reasonable person could hope for! Warm regards, Eddie M.