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Why I'm Here....
Being cooped up in dorm room for a month doing easy programming work has stifled my creativity and capped my creative outlet. I found this site off of deviantart.com, [amazing site IMHO, expect some of my Winamp 3 skinz to be there soon :)] I have been hooked ever since. Amazing idea, I love the idea, and I want to be as big a part of this community as I can. Please, if you read this, respond. With or without comments, ideas, suggestions, or just to say hi, I would like to know how many ppl read this. Please respond. Thanks.
Re: Why I'm Here....
Hell, you'd be surprised to know just how many people are out here reading you! I'm afraid to say that until you establish a score and a few tiles, that there'll be a limit to your ability to contribute. Nonetheless, welcome aboard ICE and I want to wish you the time of your life! Now, go get your feet wet....
Ed Martin, (LIE)
p.s. Let me give you this little bit of advice, or shall we say, instruction- The real challenge here, is to see how well that you can create a tile (128x128 pixels)and to make that tile blend or join to an adjacent tile without the seam being detectable. Your pixels are limited to the area between the checkered borders and the art strip that you will be meeting with your artwork. Before you go charging in, it would serve you well to go and study a few of the quilts and see what works, as well as what doesn't work. Your fellow artists will grade your work on a scale of -5 to +5 and the results will be posted alongside your tile for all of the world to see! I also want to point out that plaigurism, (the aping of material from another's hand),as well as posting objectional material is taboo. If you would like to contact any particular artist, you may write a comment to this artist on their member page (like this page is to you). Well, tootle-loo, happy tiling to you!
Re: Why I'm Here....
start drawing tiles....we're all nice, we wont bite..too hard! :)
ok, my feet are now
I have 3 more tiles that haven't shown up yet. 2 of them I consider to be the best tiles I have created :) Can someone drop a couple suggestions/ ways to improve on my technique so that I can create those amazing looking tiles that I see on the invite quilts? Thanks a bunch, and I'm working on another tile as we speak!
Comedy phase?
I've kinda kicked into a comedy phase. Read the comments on my last 3 tiles (the ant hill, the Ice Station Hoth, and the "Got Water" one) :) I think there should be a quilt devoted to this. That would be a good idea, if people who contributed could follow suit. That will be a problem no matter what though. *sigh* ok. That's my point. Comedic Quilt. "Just for fun" or something like that. Take it or leave it. (take it please =P)
Mystety user
Re: Comedy phase?
hey dude, I'm all for a fun quilt. Actually I think they're all fun... except for knots :P that one's rough and tough and stuff. I wish I hadn't joined it.
also, just wanted to let you know I haven't voted low on any of yer tiles. I like the one in the upper corner, but I guess a lot of people here don't like text in tiles...unless it says "ICE".. so I gather anyways. the got water one is cool too.
ok, take it easy , syzygy, see you on the mainquilt