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Comment: Non-Comic (!!!) Blending only tile. A first for me.
By: Syzygy
Checked out at: October 08, 2001
Checked in at: October 08, 2001
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*sigh* this tile has caused me MUCH pain
Ugh. Complete explanation is useless, and would take up too much space. See post on main board for a slight explanation and the edge discrepancy to the north. It is ugly, however the way this all turned out, and I apologize to BLiNK for the crappy tile. Also, If anyone reads this and cares to drop a tip or two, I would be very grateful. In fact, I think it should be common practice. If not for everyone, than certainly for my tiles. Tell me what you think I should do more of, less of, things you liked, disliked. Anything you want to say, I will appreciate. I am always looking for ways to improve my tilemanship. Thanks everyone.
O.K. Syz, here goes...
The bottom border is mint work, every detail has been attended to in a good fashion with deliberateness that smacks of surety. The top border should not have presented a problem to you because you were free to do whatever your heart desired there. The left border gave you no choice but to carry SOME of the blue of this neighbor into your tile but you seemed to swipe over, an awful full measure of that blue using that Goddamned smudge tool (drat!)and more or less, obliterated a goodly portion of your lone eyecatcher, your primary image. Why did you provide a bold grayish white line there at the right side? Wasn't it possible to clone the color and run it exactly into the point of fade, without a harsh line? You can steal the color of an adjoining tile by creating a small patch of the adjoining color and sliding it over to your space where you can stretch or distort the swatch without losing it's color value or it's luminesence. Often enough, this is the way that most of us have to do it in order to hit the adjoining color exactly at the boundary line. Sometimes, when there is a diminishing color value approaching and then touching a border that I have to match, I take the entire row (or column) of pixels in a rectangular window, make them a new object and just stretch the new rectangle over my entire tile and then use my object transform tool to fade back from my black background, to the point exactly on my borderline. In this way I can make the color as transparent as I'd like and just dodge back the fade line to black. After you have made the joined edge credible, you are free to overlay your image over the faded area and run the image as you want to.It could also serve you well to save a generation with only the background and the existing borders just in case you blow the image after you get into it pretty far and don't want to crap up the joinery.
Every tilesman(tileswoman),has pretty well come to use this trick now and again and with edges like I left for you, this technique will work for you too. If you travel over to the quilt called "Knots", you will see that in order to keep the background so well matched as it is, all of my own tiles there, were done in this fashion and the joint lines are barely visible. Well Lazyass, there's the tip of the week for you and now you have no excuse not to be nominated as tilist of the month! May all of your tiles be small ones and all of your rewards, be somewhat bigger... Best to you, always, Eddie M.
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we can't see the knots quilt yet.
Re: knots
The knots quilt is an invitational quilt which may have also been intended to lure me off of the mainquilters project. Sorrowfully enough, there were only 25 tiles to be done and somehow the administration of the quilt has had some problems in moving it along as fast as the mainquilting has happened. I'm thinking of taking a break from this daily bombardment of production line tiles because I don't think that it's fair to take such a big part in the quilt while others cannot get a chance to display their own work. You are getting very good Greg and like myself can see the value of the education here at ice.org. I have gone to look at some of the outstanding work done by the active members here and as it's intended to do, it has incited me to want to accomplish larger pieces of work, bitmaps with meaning beyond self entertainment. This website has done much for my hand and my character and as always, I'll take the advice
of those whom I've come to admire and let the quilts be evenly divided among those who want to participate. If you care to, you can look at my member page and see my history here at ice. I want to tell you again that I think that you have really put it together in a very short time and like John Maguire(123), will make it to the hall of fame here. I have an advantage over alot of the tilists here insofar as I am currently unemployed and have nothing to do but sit at my computer all day long so it's no wonder that I manage to issue so many tiles. I think that it's time for me to care more about the quality of what I create and less about the quantity if I want to find real satisfaction here on this site. For you my friend Greg, you've got all of the right stuff and I wish you well.
Eddie Martin
Re: Re: knots
The quilt is private and small, because that is the purpose of the tiling theme.. not everyone works like a madhouse, Eddie. ;) Some of the tiles you have done there are wonderful, thank you for contributing, but I think your idea that it's not "moving along" is ill-conceived. I have never been in any hurry to finish Knots; creativity and planning comes first in tiling.


Quit it you guys!
Sentimentality discussion on my tile board! for shame! *sigh*