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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: "Maybe that neon sign wasn't a good idea Luke...."
By: Syzygy
Checked out at: October 07, 2001
Checked in at: October 07, 2001
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missed the quilt by one!
should gone in "Mainquilters Strike Back" Oh well... I hope this one doesn't get less than a 2 again....
Re: missed the quilt by one!
I don't think it gets less than a 2... The blending is pretty cool. But who's Luke??
Re: Re: missed the quilt by one!
AHH!!! Haven't you ever seen Star Wars? It's a reference DIRECTLY out of The Empire Strikes back, in the beginning, when the Rebel Base was on an ice planet, as shown in the tile. Luke Skywalker is one of the main characters of the trilogy... wow, you've really never seen any of them? :)