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Comment: Skimrat under attac of flies! Save the scumrat!
By: Straxz
Checked out at: October 05, 2001
Checked in at: October 05, 2001
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I really like your colors.
Re: Yeah!
Thanks BLiNK!
My facecolor is red now :)
Is it a skimrat, scumrat or a foamrat, haven't decided that yet...
/Straxz tbx
Strax, I want to thank you for your fine job at joining up with the tile above yours,(mine). I wanted something linear and colorful to come off of the rail above with the two small stanchion posts. Your tile reminds me of a Caribbean travel poster on a steamship cruise. I am almost sorry that I dangled that little hunk of rope into the blend line because even your image did not need the rat,(brown thing)draped across it, to appear so themed with the quilt. That's just a personal observation and if the rat was good enough for you well, rats rat, about that. Nice tile, nice work... Eddie M.
and That name...
Mystety user
oh I see
so those are flies? I thought they were holes in the cement...
Thank you Eddie, I tried actually to do a real rat first but i noticed that it would be funnier with a rat made of cocolate. But it didn't have to be there I could just have continued with the rope.
Yes it's flies thoose one is made of plastic :)
Re: Well
I forgot to thank you Eddie for good tiles to continue on, done many tiles below, over and besides yours. It seems like I always choosed one of your tiles to continue on... So lets draw the conclution that you make good edges :)
Re: Re: Well
Go now to my member page and take a look at so many blown borders. Find the revenge of the newbies quilt, the one that I started on and see the trash that I was issuing. If you do this, you will see how important it is to listen to others in order to learn. My earnest to learn has found me helping others to avoid my own mistakes in their time and in their work and this has been as rewarding as any score that I've been able to compile. The only conclusion that I'm able to draw is that I've done a helluva lot of tiles in a relatively short time and although there have been tiles available for everyone who cares to do them, it wasn't right for me to have so many personal statements of my own and so many border edges for others to follow. I see so many quality tilers out here and it's just time for me to give the others a chance at expressing themselves in the manner that was afforded to me. Thank you for following me and for your kind comment. Good wishes to you on the quilts...
Eddie M.
Re: Re: Re: Well
I have already begun learning :)
Like this tile was overworked with needless stuff(as you said). Think a little more before begin painting is what the most of us have to learn.
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Re: Well