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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: Boschnalia
Checked out at: October 07, 2001
Checked in at: October 07, 2001
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Gee,thanks but...
It was swell of the two voters who voted on this tile to score it so well but wouldn't it be better in the long run, to see whether the tile is blended in with the other outlying two tiles? Because you may like the busyness or the imagery, the true test of a tile, is to see how nicely it slides into it's other edges. I sure do appreciate that you stopped to vote but I just thought that in total fairness that you might consider refraining from voting until you can see ANY tile as it sits and or fits, in context... But bless you both anyway! Eddie M.
Re: Gee,thanks but...
We can see you borders and how well you blended them by looking at your original tile. That let's us make a fair vote. If something interesting pops up later, that's just luck.
Mystety user
Re: Re: Gee,thanks but...
yes and seeing as I was on two of the borders (now 3)
it look awesome.. i'd like to see a big pitcher like this.
Re: Re: Re: Gee,thanks but...
I still can't see any other tiles bordering this tile. Whereas it looks awesome to you, it seems lonesome to me!
When in rome...
:) Do as the Romans do...
Haha Wicked!
I didn't vote so don't get your panties tied in a knot, lol. I love this tile just on it's own - the kooky expression on the wierd melting ghost faces kicks all ass!

this looks
like things you see on acid... ooo... or maybe it's just my wicked mind?
This tile looks to have taken more effort...
...than a lot of your higher rated tiles. Especially the PhotoPainted ropes and beads. It reminds me of a trend in cover art for horror novels that was popular around 1990; a twisted mosaic of nightmare imagery. Not bad at all.
Very Lovecraftian
Reminds me of a cover to a Lovecraft Paperback.