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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: more space scenes
By: greg
Checked out at: October 01, 2001
Checked in at: October 01, 2001
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Once again, success...
Once again you've done a fantastic job and covered all of the bases in your usual fine way. Although I believe that your tile, "Cleaning up" will be the best tile on the quilt, it's for sure that this tile will also be a runner up!
You're becoming a heavyweight Greg, just don't let it get you too puffed up...
Best to you and to your sharpening tool,...Eddie M.
Mystety user
Re: Once again, success...
thanks, Eddie
I'm doing my best to not get too excited. But with all the crazy good artwork around, I'm like a sponge. Everything gets very complex. we'll see how it goes.