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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Checked out at: October 01, 2001
Checked in at: October 01, 2001
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While tile in itself is great, the blending is not... cmon you can do better :)
I gave this tile a -1 and tought I would be a man and explain why.

1. The background - looks cheap, like a quick-job. The green looks strange.

2. The blending - Not fun - It looks like you tried to abstract it too much. And besides - you missed a large piece of the body on the top...

3. The HAND! ... now this is the biggest score-hamperer in my opinion. Sure, I guess you did the hand, but hey, it's EXACTLY the same hand that you have used on one of your other tiles. All you did was change the color and rotate it. The shading is exactly the same.

Hope you can take this as a man/woman and not hold and personal grudges agains me.
Re: explanation...
Yeah... no worries... I think it's a pretty crappy tile also... Was in a rush to finish one and get it posted. after I posted it, I wished I hadn't, but oh well.. no changing the past...

ahhh.. and yes.. I did create the hand.. and yes it's the same as in another tile. You can check the original works where I took the hand from at http://sassyart.com Check the image set called The Touch...

anyways, thanks for the constructive sriticisms.. they are appreciated

I wondered too...
I, also wondered where the inspiration for that green mist came from until I looked closely at the tile below this tile and where it finished off.
You didn't have much choice in that respect but still, you did miss a bit of the top and when the tile comes to you with four borders, that's the time
not to rush things
if you want to be able to score on all four sides!
I just Know that you'll do right next time! Eddie M.