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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: supposed to be a cancer (my sign of zodiac)
By: Tine
Checked out at: October 05, 2001
Checked in at: October 06, 2001
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Mystety user
cool tile
heh, I thought that was like a turtle in mutagen or something at first. I like what you did with the lazerz too, blue too.
Hey there Tine!
Next time throw them a curve! Sometimes when you grab the bordering art, it would serve each of us better if you flip it horizontally and leave the color accentuation on an opposing and complimentary plane. It's like being a vampire, you look into a mirror but you can't really see anything! Well. bye for now Tine, oh and don't get the mouse wet...
Fondly, Eddie M.
Hi again Tine...
I wanted to stop back at this tile because after studying a bit longer I realized that there was something that I neglected to mention to you in my comment above. Upon closer examination of your tile in context with your neighbors, I wondered why you came to use or to choose to use, the brown hue
that appears at the lower portion of the tile? I didn't notice the brown as any part of neighboring tile borders, at least not as prominently as it is used in your tile. If you can see it for yourself, the contrast that it makes, as you run to adjoining edges, serves to "Square-off" your artwork and give it a blockish appearance which ultimately steals from the undetectable and perfect seam that you might've created, (at least on the right side of your contribution
to the quilt).
As a suggestion, I think that if you keep your borders always present on the tile and the screen that you're working and cordon these borders off in a mask or a separate layer, that you will see these things visually as they happen rather than wait until your tile lands on the quilt. There are areas within your tile that show your fine progress as well as areas which say that you still need to pay closer attention to the joinery of tiles to abutting borders. All in all you've got a good hand Tine and yes, as said before, I like you and your style. Please accept my observation in every good spirit in which it was offered and get back there in the trenches and start pounding out the tiles. Trust me, you have a nice touch and I think that seamless joints, could be your signature... Have a nice day Tine...
Eddie M.