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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: Alien Den
Checked out at: September 21, 2001
Checked in at: September 21, 2001
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Ya, I had to vote for myself.. someone jacked me earlier.. I don't know why either, in my opinion, the tile is well blended.. Perhaps someone doesn't like aliens?
Re: ..
You really think that bottom is well blended?? nah, come on... you probably could have done better.. Btw.. I love Alien :)
Re: ..The blending...
Yes, what happened at the bottom of your tile where those 3 raindrops were evident upon your border? Why believe that someone "Jacked" you on your tile when you have only to look at the quilt to see that it was YOU who missed this border? I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that you have no right to become indignant because of the "jacking" that you feel that you got, IF that jacking was because you ignored the small opportunity to allow the quilt to flow as it was meant to flow. As for me and my tile below yours, I see it as divine justice for all of the work that I've frigged up for others along the way and I submit my comment to you in the same spirit that others passed along similar commentaries to me. I like your technique and truly believe that you are making progress here (as we all are), but until you get a better handle on the BIG picture, I am afraid that you will have to get used to the kind of "Jacking" that you seem to perceive here... Sincerely and with no malice aforethought, I am. Eddie
Re: Re: ..The blending...
Well.. perhaps I could have blended it differently, (which is what I did at somepoint during the earlier stages of this tile).. The reason I didn't is (if you look very closely at your tile--the one below this one--you will find that the the first pixel of the "rain drops" is much fainter.. So I chose not to deal with it at all..

I guess being a "tile rookie" a lot of the creative process is making educated guesses on what others may have done.. For me.. If it is not blended to the join point I can't deal with it..

Re: ..
I also think that the bottom border is not blended at all. Sorry.
Re: The coming left border...
John, When the tile to the left of your tile appears, you will see how evident it is, that you do have some tremendous blending skills. Your merge there should be considered quality work because it is quality work. After the tile has been presented and you have had the opportunity to view the big picture, perhaps my previous comment will make more sense to you. I have reserved my vote for a time when I can vote on the big picture, that is, more than just the apparent oversight of a small detail. Again, I encourage you to continue along and progress as nicely as you have but as always, to keep the big picture in mind.
Good luck to you John... Eddie M.
Re: ..
I like it! Great stuff. Fits perfect. 5 Points...
This tile is great, the perspective is excellent and it is one of the many quality tiles on this quilt, I would give you a 5 if I could vote.

Re: 5!(yeah...)
Say, I was just curious, but with 95 votes under your belt, voting a -3.6 AVERAGE, perhaps you could tell us just which quilts that you ARE allowed to vote on? It seems that every time you show up, my score plummets by five or even ten points! By the way, which quilts may I view to see your own artwork?
Well, happy voting TCM, happy voting...
Ed M. (LIE)