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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: As per request from Gecky (I lost the bet) - better late than never... (I never had time for the last tile I checked out, hope this is OK!)
Checked out at: September 20, 2001
Checked in at: September 20, 2001
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A rose is a rose is....
Yes, THIS is a rose...
Swell job Oskar on carrying us over for one more great tile. I really like the mood that your solitary rose brings as it slips into alien territory...
Again I say, great work.
Ed M.
Re: A rose is a rose is....
hehe... The bet was wheter a tile-border was yours actually... And it was some time ago on the other mainquilt. We decided that whoever lost the bet would have to do a tile that the other person decided content in. Gecky tought the tile-border we were talking about (can't remember which) was yours, and I guessed it wasn't. And since I lost, I checked out a tile and she decided I should draw a rose with small drops on. (or something like that). I never had time to do the tile that time, I was way to busy with just living my life. And so I decided to do it now =)

wee. thanks for the compliments Ed, you're a good guy.
Re: A rose is a rose is....
Yeah, it was the tile that said "BLEND HERE" on all the edges.

You've exceeded my expectations, Primal. I'm going to have to lose a bet against you so we can continue the game. :)