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This tile is from Lord of the Rings

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Checked out at: September 16, 2001
Checked in at: September 17, 2001
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This quilt is dedicated to recreating actual parts and characters of the story. Have you read the story about the Lord of the Rings? If you haven't, do so. It's a very good one. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming movie based on it. Nice to see that you have reached some score now. I actually think that you're about to balance out the quality/quantity curve soon. ;)
Keep up the good work!

Re: Hmmm, Samuelf
Re: that Hmmm job....
No, I haven't gotten the opportunity to read the book and yes, I am glad that you took the time to explain the dedication of the quilt. Insofar as I am not familiar with the story and really wouldn't know a Hobbit if I rode next to one on the subway, I'll just thank you for your encouragement and hobble off. I can claim, among my other noteworthy contributions, a decent set of legs (with feet) on that Fangorn guy out at the right edge of the quilt. What more than this, could any man hope for???

Ed M.
Hey Ed, if that is clipart, I'm not completely sure it is but it looks a lot like it, I'd like to discourage you from using it at all. That looks a lot like some Corel clipart. Those gradients and black outlines are unmistakable. :)
Re: Hmmm
Hi there Judy-
I only want to do what is right.After reading your Hmmm to me, I had an initial impulse to contest your discouragement on using piece of clip art, here on this quilt. I even entertained getting back up on my soap box and jousting with you over the issue but, I asked myself a simple question and that was, "how really important is it"? The only thing that I could say is, that if these are the rules, well then, I'll obey the rules. I'm not out to create havoc and to sabotage the quilt (as it might appear that I've done to others). I only want to play here on my computer. My blunders are innocuous and my tiles, although
primatively trite are purely done for self entertainment and always with the hope of pleasing others. I work as a mechanical engineer, pecking out AutoCad drawings for 8 hours a day before getting the chance to work on my own computer, on my own stuff. I am not looking to detract from the visual clarity of the quilt but rather, to bring to it, my own composition, as simply a 160 x 80 pixel boundary of freedom without stepping on the hands, hearts or toes of others. I'm just one more poor slob out here on the internet, trying to enjoy this pentium processor and get through another day. I understand your fervor to keep the work pure but do not share your enthusiasm. Yes, I like it here on Ice but only as long as it remains a source of good feeling about myself and my growth here. Surely you have seen changes in me since I came aboard and yes, I am still willing to change some more. I could have filtered and pixilated that little frog until he was barely recognizable to you or anyone else here but I thought that he looked just great as he was, right from the Corel disk, to the clipboard and then down onto the tile. The real fact is that it was 12:30 in the morning, (Monday morning) and I was in a hurry to post that tile before going to bed. I had labored over Mr. Fangorn's legs and planted the grass but was really against keeping it too simple, (something that I have not mastered yet) and with no malice aforethought, pasted in the frog and the treasure chest. It was all that simple! No plot here, no one pulling wool over any eyes, no cloak and dagger, just an unwise decision to put some royalty free clip art on my little tile. It was Kim, a fellow tiler who told me about "White Space" and how it can work for an artist but somehow, her advice just didn't get through to me as I sent this tile out. I can understand you Judy and I just want you to be able to understand me. I guess that in your heart, you felt the same way about me and my clip art as I felt when I (even I), saw that horrible little Mutant Ninja Turtle thing that some poor deluded fellow placed upon the newbie quilt. I ain't shit but at the time, it seemed like an affront to me (even me). So, yes I see your heart and your intentions Gecko, and most certainly I accede to your position and yield to your wishes. Thank you for looking in on me!

P.S. You certainly must be intent on making an artist out of me, one way or another!
this tile is very well done!

(Yeah and I'm sure there were frogs and treasure chests somewhere in The Lord of The Rings, right ??)
Re: Regardless...
Actually, there was no mention of frogs or treasure chests... :)