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New Here?
Well Andy, that makes two of us and that you are aware of (the stated fact) that you have two adjacent tiles to abutt this one which I've submitted, leaves me wondering who's tipping you off! Perhaps if you start with a wide magenta strip at this inconvenient edge, you can create some effective subterfuge. Let me give you some old school wisdom wrapped in an abstract metaphor, and that is: "When they've tarred and feathered you and start to run you out of town on a rail, just get to the front of the pack and do your best to make it look like a parade! Now, go for it Andrew...
Re: New Here?
Oh and Andy, Where have you been posting your efforts?
Re: Re: New Here?
No one tipped me off, the fact that I got those tiles became obvious once I uploaded my tiles, and yours became visible! Also this is the only tile I see with all black edges, and the 1 pixel wide strip of checkerboxes. If you look around, you will see that most tiles have something on the edges, some shape, recognisable or not, or some patches of colour. In the case of this tile it was nothing but blackness, and therefore it was rather difficult to blend in with, or continue your tile.

As for my efforts, I have been posting on other sites such as deviantart.com and wincustomize.com, before I came here.