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This tile is from The railroad quilt (Ruled Quilt)

Comment: Suicide Drop or Miracle Falls. You decide...
Checked out at: August 28, 2001
Checked in at: August 28, 2001
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Miracle Falls
Without a doubt! That'd be one hell of a ride! Love the tile! :) Keep your eye out for mine below this one (when its neighbors are done!) :)
Awesome tile!!
Cool!! That looks really really neat!

Some of the blending looks not so perfect, so i'll give you a 4.6 !
That'll round up to 5 I guess :)

- Fydo
Re: Awesome tile!!
I agree +5 :)
Great save.
I know this tile is old but I thought I'd put a word in.
To see what you were given and what you have done this is quite inspiring.
With the depth I say "wow, you are a great thinker".
Re: Great save.
wow, i'm really late, but I just wanted to say.. thanks. ;)