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This tile is from Girls' Own Adventure (a quilt for women)

Comment: bite the bullet.
Checked out at: August 24, 2001
Checked in at: August 25, 2001
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im beginning to understand.....
im finally feelin the flow of photoshop...actually took some time to read about it and i think it will pay off...this tile is the first since. blending is now a breeze. and its all about the layers...hopefully ill start pumpin out some mad fresh ones now..no more excuses..laf. :P
Re: im beginning to understand.....
*sniff, sniff*
no one is even scoring my tile....i feel so used.. :P
Those bullets look rather strange. I'm guessing you used layer effects... bevel/emboss? Bullets are all round, but here what you created is flat on the side. Observe how light relfects on a round and shiny object. Try to recreate the same effect using the dodge/burn tool (or airbrush with light/dark colour). Have fun experimenting, and you will be much more pleased with the results...
Re: Bullets
thanx for the tip....i love abstract, thats kinda the effect i was going for..but thanx again..ill have to give that a try next time. :)