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This tile is from Girls' Own Adventure (a quilt for women)

Checked out at: July 20, 2001
Checked in at: July 20, 2001
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What were you thinking, anyway?
Re: Um...
Give me Back up as to your vote...because I don't understand! One thing I did like about this site was that normally people would explain there comments!!
Re: Re: Um...
Oh, sorry. My question wasn't meant to be an insult, I really, really wanted to know what you were thinking of when you made this tile. What were your intentions? To make some weird looking... hm.. building with black things in front of it or something? It's just... weird. It looks almost like the file is corrupt with the black lines going across it like that. They look just.. copy pasted.
Re: Re: Re: Um...
There were no real intentions. I like to try out new things. I thnk it turned out kinda cool. Take a look at my other tiles and you'll see that they are all different. I took it as an insult because on the 2nd vote my score went from a 3 down to a -1.5 and I assumed that you had cast that vote. My apologizes.

By the way it is not copy pasted.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Um...
I changed my vote from a -5 to a -1... -5 was kind of harsh, but I really don't like the tile. It just looks bad IMO... but I like most of your other tiles.