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This tile is from Mainquilters Revenge

Comment: Preparing away for Escher's quilt ;-)
Checked out at: August 11, 2001
Checked in at: August 11, 2001
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Escher Quilt
Which you will most certainly be invited to.
Re: Escher Quilt
That would be great, thanks! ;-)

By the way, when do you plan to open it?
Re: Re: Escher Quilt
When some of the other quilts get finished up and Slothy gets back.
Re: Re: Re: Escher Quilt
So, the guy is real?! =8-) I thought Slothy is some
sort of Santa's nickname here in the ice.org...
damn, gina!
i dig on the tile... and yeah, escher popped into my mind when i first saw it, too... i just think its superbadass. great coloring, very crisp and clean. keep crankin em out.
Re: damn, gina!
Ah, you nailed it - I have particular troubles
with hand-drawn style pictures, so had to stick with
vector and pixel graphics. Which is, after all, not
too bad then you try to imitate Escher's engravings ;-)

Thanks for all!
influences !
influenced by this but your tile is good
Re: influences !
Probably not ... Your tile wasn't visible when he checked in his if I read the times correctly... besides... what makes you think he was influenced by your tile, I mean, they're not exactly alike...
Re: Re: influences !
my tile was visible
Re: Re: Re: influences !
You're mistaken, the first time I've seen
this picture was more than 15 years ago ;-)
Check Escher's "Waterfall" for the reference:
Re: Re: Re: influences !
BTW, your tile was not visible - check
what I've got, there was only top edge
and no corner ;-P
Re: influences !
Huh? What does a kitty cat have to do with an Escher immitation? The styles don't even look similar... One is painting-like and one is close to pixel art...
Re: Re: influences !
open your eyes
Re: Re: Re: influences !
Sorry if I'm just too ignorant to get this, but would you please enlighten me, and back-up your statement rather than telling me to "open my eyes"? Is it supposed to be one of those things that looks like a cat one way, and something else the other way or something?
Re: Re: Re: influences !
Oh, you mean the weird way the wall turns fat... I had to stare at that for about ten minutes before I finally saw it. :P I may be slow, but I'm.. uh.. persevering...
Re: Re: Re: Re: influences !
later gecky ;)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: influences !
Jito/Aldous/Scrabble/Whatever: You don't actually think that he looked at your tile and thought "Hey! I'll do a tile with optical illusions too! Just like my god Jito."? You're thinking way to much of yourself. It doesn't matter who was first of you... Escher was there looong before. ;) Besides, the illusion in yours isn't even something that you could've planned, considering that you couldn't see the part where you determine if the wall was thin or thick because it was out of your border. It's sad that you try to take credit from something that was pure coincidental on your side and try to accuse someone of not using his own ideas or influences of great artist. Very low Jito. I expected higher morals from you. =)

Re: Re: Re: influences !
Grow up, you think too much role model
of yourself ;-P Spell E-s-c-h-e-r, he
and top tile's regular structure were the
sole inspirational pieces in this tile.

Besides, I completely missing your point,
quilts are about collaboration, not about
envy and silly "vote'm down!" wars.
...same 4 votes, but down to 2.2 from 4 average.
Aldous, if it's you, stop being silly :-/
Re: Weird...
Oops, that would be me.. must've been a mis-click, could have sworn I clicked the 4. Sorry 'bout that.