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I don't vote for my tiles, so, please, you do ;-)
Douglas Adams...
...rulez - let's make quilt devoted to his books!
Get that Tile done already!
I'm just keen on seeing the final result. ;) Take your time.

Re: Get that Tile done already!
It looks like the server was down for some time :-(
Favorite Tilers
Methinks, what is missing here is, er, "Least
favorite tilers" list. Methinks mine will be
Eddie "non-cooperatative graphomaniac" M ;-)
Mystety user
Re: Favorite Tilers
well, seeing your voting average, you'd probabably have a long list of least favorites.
Mystety user
Re: Re: Favorite Tilers
ah, I take that back, it is an "average" after all... 2.5 is right in the middle and that's good.
Re: Re: Re: Favorite Tilers
Well, actual average is 0, I reckon ;-)
And what I said doesn't mean I deliberately
down-vote all Eddie's tiles, no, I just don't
favor his style of tiling/writing.
Mystety user
Re: Re: Re: Re: Favorite Tilers
the page say 2 point something. what do you mean?