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This tile is from Mainquilters Revenge

Comment: these would be called clouds, boring but..it fits.. :)
Checked out at: August 04, 2001
Checked in at: August 04, 2001
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clouds? bah humbug!
you could have at least put some sort of firey death machine in the sky with the clouds. not that theyre poor clouds, but you gave me very little to work with on the tile above :X

Re: clouds? bah humbug!
I do not agree, my tile was to the right with
almost empty left and bottom borders. Man, was
it fun to think of something that fits in the
big open sky patch ;-) In fact, I like that piece
of empty sky more now than I did before and going
to raise my previous vote up a point... maybe two ,-)

...And no, my soul looks very different ;-)))
Re: Re: clouds? bah humbug!
Hm, just noticed, the left tile was also mine...
Thanks for the inspirational tile, bsumner! =8-)
Re: Re: clouds? bah humbug!
same here
i think quilts must breath on some parts
Very brave...
I think that for someone of this artist's calibre, it was rather brave for her to restrain herself to doing something so simple.

I feel that there is beauty in the simplicity of this tile, and that it really adds well to the total picture.
Re: Very brave...
thanx everyone...
all i can do is try.... :)