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This tile is from A picture of a city... (non-surreal)

Comment: This is horrible
Checked out at: June 13, 2001
Checked in at: June 13, 2001
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3.... but what is it?
Re: errrr
Just a tile to connect the surrounding ones.
That blue thing is a window or something :)
That logo down there was a nightmare to blend.
Re: Re: errrr
Sowwy. *bows head in shame*
Re: why put your own logo in a collaborative piece?
That isn't my logo, and I would NEVER put it on the tile (it's stupid).
Wierd going ons...

I had the tile to the left, but when I worked that tile the right border was DONE already. IT had the stupid Logo thing going on in it. And your right it was a b*tch to blend into, along with some figure mid way up the side that looked like a silouette of a man pointing. That tile wasn't showing on the page, so for that edge it was more like working a surreal quilt. If I had in any way known that that tile was going away, hell I woulda cancelled my tile and started a new one over...Still have the original png files...that really sucks. I feel lie I screwed you up but then...