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Comment: In and Out of the Depths
Checked out at: May 01, 2001
Checked in at: May 01, 2001
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(filler header)
loved it
also a filler...
pretty cool. I think you started twisting the white grid just a little too fast, and it made a fast blend (subtle border) but it was a cool idea.

Also do you use the airbrush in Photoshop? Some of your tiles seem to have a fuzziness to them. Reminds me of the airbrush.
Re: also a filler...
Mostly what I do is force myself to alter my style to mimic the stuff that comes in from the borders, so in this case, the big fish on the right had to be smudgy looking to match the tile to the right, but still have form.

The fish in the back I blurred out to show depth (like it was out of focus).

For the most part, I stay completely away from the Airbrush tool and use mostly hard edged Paintbrushs and burn/dodge for most shading and shadows. I use the smudge a lot when I blend in from the other edges too but only to make it as perfect a blend as possible.