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Comment: fame2k+1 produktion
By: faem
Checked out at: April 29, 2001
Checked in at: April 29, 2001
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Had a feeling...
...that I pulled a tile next to you, faem. Heh heh heh. I like your object centered stuff more (like the eye), but you have a definate style that makes tiling next to a real challenge (and a lot of fun!).

Hope you like what I put to its left. =)

Re: Had a feeling...
I don't like your object centered stuff 'cos it hurts the quilt as a whole. This is still a joint project wether you like it or not. Altough I definitly like your style. Gave you a 5 for all your tiles.
Re: Re: Had a feeling...
Are you talking to me or him? I don't see any object focused stuff in his, so I can only imagine you are talking to me (on someone elses quilt comment section?).

I don't see how having a focus in my tiles detracts from the quilt at all. True I had a couple of early tiles that didn't do much in the way of giving my extending border artists much to go on, but hopefully I've fixed that in my later tiles.

This is the first complaint I've had about doing object oriented tiles. Unfortunately I like what I put in tiles, and I think that it fits rather nicely into collaborative quilts. Hell... if you want to see some SERIOUS object focused tiles, check out this quilt: