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Comment: my first tile
Checked out at: May 04, 2001
Checked in at: May 04, 2001
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Not Bad Rackman!
I meant to warn you about something a lot of people seem to do starting out... and that's put blue sky and clouds at the top of their peice. Kinda puts a strangle hold on their creative juices since now they have to deal with a sky at the BOTTOM of their tile.

The planet looks interesting, but it's a bit 2D. Also, for starfield backgrounds, alter the brightness of the stars to show depth (to avoid the pinhole in the black paper look).

Keep em coming dude!

Re: Not Bad Rackman!
Thanks for the comments, Essobie. As I look at the tile after reading your comments, I see you are right on target with your suggestions. The tile could have been much better.

I have been spending some time looking at a lot of specific tiles from all the quilts and reading comments from the artists. I see there is a wealth of talent here and I'm looking forward to learning a lot.