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Comment: Long live the smudge tool!
Checked out at: May 01, 2001
Checked in at: May 01, 2001
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long live negative scores
please read the instructions. I'm not trying to dis you, just giving you advise.
Sorry this is my first visible tile...
1) What instuructions did I fail to follow?

2) Where might these instructions be located?

(keep in mind I didn't want this to be my first visible tile, it is just that the 'Up and Comers' quilt is dead.)
Re: Sorry this is my first visible tile...
There were a few good tips posted on earlier quilts but it looks like Slothy erased all the messages on them. I know I posted a few at least 3 times, but they are all gone now. I can try to dig them up if you like. (I think I emailed them to someone)
Re: Re: Sorry this is my first visible tile...
Is there a difference between "rules" and "tips"? What rules did this tile fail to follow? And if this tile is not within the rules, and truly did deserve a low score, could we be told specifics on what was not good, and suggestions on what might be improved, so the rest of us can learn and profit from this, rather than just seeing things slammed for no reason?
Re: Re: Sorry this is my first visible tile...
No, of course I don't delete any posts, we just default to showing the Recent posts now. You can still click "All Messages" and see all of them.

We still have all 1286 posts so far, don't worry :)

Being very new to this...
I would like that a lot. You can send them to [email protected]
I like it
If you are going to bitch about not following the rules, mention what rule wasn't followed; the block looks fine to me.