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This tile is from Mainquilters 32: Time

Comment: He's the all american bullet headed saxon mother's son
Checked out at: September 15, 2004
Checked in at: September 15, 2004
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awesome job
wow, you put those 4 borders together beautifully.....and i love the guy, thanks for continuing him for me ;)
Re: blow job
excellent work in guessing that hand :p
8o] blow job
wow!?!?!?! a blow job!! that beats a coin everytime imo... maybe we can get that added to the new site, and have a blow job contest every year, to create the graphics for this new award.
Re: 8o] blow job
hunh?did i miss something here? :D
good clean fun
jito likes to tease, so i was just joking with him. i believe he is saying that since i'm an admin i've seen all tiles, and that is why i drew a hand. but i try to draw my inspiration from what i see in the edges i get. in this case the fingers on the edge i received are pretty obvious i think. anyway, my comment was intended good naturedly and i believe jito's was as well.
Re: good clean fun
well no that finger is special
doesn't look like a finger.
+ the mom tatoo...
i easily spotted two non-"special" fingers in the checkout border. green fingernails and all they still look like fingers and nothing else, and they look like they're tattoed with blue matrix code... and two bare arms below... didn't take a psychic to see anatomy or to add a tattoo to the bare arms... i tried making hairy upper arms first as extra detail, but the hair made the arms confusing... so rather than leave them bare i added a tattoo to go with the blue tattoing on the fingers... we live in an age of tattooing and piercing too so this wasnt a qiant leap either... the top was obviously a spider web or ship rigging, again no biggie.
so, i'm not sure what the prob is...
or are you still just teasing me for the sadistic fun of it?

what did you see in the borders?
Re: whatever
i've seen your neighbourg's dog was going to bite
your foot then you was going to be very nervous
with me ; but finaly you was going to relax.
yeah interesting border
Re: Re: whatever
ahh k, gotcha, the whole blowjob thing threw me way off....im sitting here going, where!?where!? lol

lol, keep it going, this is fun to watch :p