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its been about a month now i think, so i guess i'll say something about meself.

first off, if you havent noticed, i talk a lot(something i noticed most of the people around here dont do :D )

im highly energetic, and have a very short attention span. but as my age wears on, my metabolism and energy level have slowly been decreasing, so bear with me

ive done almost purely pencil work in the past, so like i said in another post, this is a huge learning experience for me(using colors and whatnot)

anyways, its a great addiction, and a great site...theres some amazing artists here, and just being able to work next to some of you is a privilege

Re: me
Oh we speak but only on the rigth season he he
:D Good to have you here, I like
you images and you tiles look very good
keep posting :D see ya