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This tile is from Newbies 34: Over The Edge For Yonks

Comment: more moon
By: alec
Checked out at: August 18, 2004
Checked in at: August 18, 2004
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No way this is worth a one!
I think this is a great tile. Working with four borders is a real challenge. Just ignore some of the negative scores given out on the newbie quilts. They don't mean anything.
Re: No way this is worth a one!
haha. thanks. the poor rating i got is actually a -5. i think it's caused by web robots from google or yahoo or something that go through the page and follow links to index all the pages in a site... if it decides to follow a voting link, then tiles counts that page request as a vote from anonymous. it's only a problem on the noob quilt.

either that, or someone's being mean.

don't matter, i'll just do one more on the mainquilt and i'll be above the 50 mark for good.

thanks for the comment though :)
Re: Re: No way this is worth a one!
HAHA! It was me! You all fell into my trap! Oh wait, wrong site, nm

lol, j/k i voted at least two or three points higher than a -5 ;)

no really though, good work..I havent had the privilige..privledge...priv...wtf..... how ever you spell that damn word...anyways, i havent had the chance of working with a 4 border tile yet, but hopefully i'll be able to pull it off as well as you