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This tile is from Newbies 33: Lazing In The Haze Of Midday, Laughing In The Grasses And The Graves

Comment: t3h ol tree
By: ing
Checked out at: May 13, 2004
Checked in at: May 13, 2004
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sux for the person making the rest of that dinasoar...

we'll see how it turns out.
uh hi.
just a bit of advice, you don't want to draw something that goes into the corner, most of hte time, like that. i mean, you don't want a line that divides the tile from bottom right hand corner to top left, or whatever combination. reason for that is that the person with the tile next yours then has to find a way to blend this dinosaur to their left, and blue sky to their bottom. erm, it's just confusing.
uh, there's some advice you never even asked for ;D that's what i'm here for.
Re: uh hi.
I agree. I got the tile on the right of this and it was quite tricky to blend that neck with it being right in the corner.
If you do that, curve it into a horizontal (or vertical, if blending from a tile on your right or left) line by the time it reaches the corner, so that your neighbor can continue its curve even if the tile diagonally from you doesn't or didn't.
you guys see the other dino? i thought his neck was the spine so i made its head!
and thanks for the advice, ill keep that in mind , thanks guys.