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This tile is from Newbies 33: Lazing In The Haze Of Midday, Laughing In The Grasses And The Graves

Comment: It may be too clutered
Checked out at: May 24, 2004
Checked in at: May 24, 2004
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Pixelation = BAD
That pixelation looks really bad, and it's very annoying to blend from.
You didn't do much to blend from the right, and what is your tile even about?
Re: Pixelation = BAD
Yea I agree... After I hit the submitt button and walked away and came back I was like, "what were you thinking"

The picture was suppose to be... is a picture of water falling down over rocks into a gourge and going under a bridge. I think the biggest problem was that I was drawing and trying to do too much while zoomed in to close. I really couldn't see the whole picture.

I am still trying to get use to the software and stuff so anyway I'll use that excuse :) for now.

Re: Re: Pixelation = BAD
Newbie quilts are for learning how to use the tools & perfecting your art! Don't get frustrated, just make each effort better than the next. Sometimes people are a little too tough on the newbies. If you notice, the regulars gave you a 2 on this tile. Hang in there & Keep drawing!
yup newbies and mainquilts are for learning and experimenting, and scores should be lenient. i don't think it looks bad at all in context though. kind of a transition piece that looks like a weird abstract mausoleum, or undefineable rock formation, in the field. and you gotta zoom to see the pixelart so it's not a difficult blend. definitely not so bad as to be receiving negative scores. jmo. but he too gave himself a negative score, swhatcha gonnadoo :o))
Re: Re: Re: Pixelation = BAD
I am definitely a newbie to this site as well as to digital art... but not to art itself. I am secure enough in my abilities as an artist to understand the difference between unbiased negativity and a constructive critique of my artwork.

With that being said I myself rated this a -1 because I believe this tile is far below my ability and on top of that I think that it looks terrible.

But anyway I digress, thank you for your encouragement renee. I have enjoyed participating in this quilt and feel sure that I will dabble in others as time permits.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Pixelation = BAD
raganaga ... thanks for your comments as well. Didn't mean to leave you out!!! :)

Hello there. This is my first quilt here also. I have about 8 mths experience with photoshop what program are you using??
I agree that working on such a small scale and trying to make it look good is a challenge. I messed that up on my first tile.
I too have gotten dinged on scores a bit. One of my tiles got a -4 !!!! My tile next tile is the one under yours youll have to let me know if I blended the bottom of yours ok :)
But keep up the participation I cant wait to see what we come up with on the next one!!

Re: Tile
Shrela ... thanks for the positive comments. I hope that you feel welcome here. As this is a newbie quilt ... I don't believe that perfection is expected. I hope that you have fun learning and creating your tiles here at ice.org.