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This tile is from Newbies 33: Lazing In The Haze Of Midday, Laughing In The Grasses And The Graves

Comment: Hanging with the Swordsman
Checked out at: April 13, 2004
Checked in at: April 14, 2004
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Hey, thanks for the coin...
I'm glad you like the tile. I'm fairly happy with the way this tile turned out, but I wish I would have gone over it one more time and added some more depth and texture to it. It seems very flat to me when I look at it now. Anyway, I guess I'll keep learning as I go along.

Thanks again!
Well, I'm not sure of the meaning of "stunning", I suppose is a good word, English is not my native language. I mean, that this tile is superb, I love it! You are so good, I love the most of your tiles. I'm going to take a look of all of your work (and future work). 5 from me :)
Re: Stunning!
I'm not giving you a coing because I got no one in this moment... but I will do in any of your new and great tiles :)
the wing, the beetle, maybe the flowers look like clipart pasted in or a stamp...
Re: question
That's a fair question. Everything in this or any of my tiles is comprised of my own original artwork. However, you're not that far off in your observation. I've tried a few different techniques when making my tiles, and to make this one I scanned a rough sketch and colored it in (This explains the black outlines on the girl, statue, wing, and headstones - ). I reworked the flowers enough times that the black lines disappeared completely, while the lines on the wing were thickened and darkened. And yes, the beetle was drawn seperately and pasted in to the tile at the end.

My intentions at the time were to have different things bleeding off the corners to give others something to play with, but my technique on this one didn't produce the best results. Hopefully I've managed to avoid these issues in my later tiles. Anyway, I appreciate the feedback, keep it coming!

By the way, Sean, the clouds in your first tile look great.

Re: Re: question
"...but my technique on this one didn't produce the best results."

Ahem. Just to clarify, the results I was referring to pertained only to my tile and not the tiles surrounding it.
Re: Re: Re: question
in that case great job :D

i was leaning more toward the side that you did it yourself rather than used clip art anyways, just needed to ask simply cuz when people are, they just need to learn not to.

nonetheless great tile, everyone has a certain style to their art -
about the clouds i try to make 'em look as real as possible using a textured brush and odd colors like yellow & pink highlights.
im still a newbie at it but we're all gettin better!
Re: Re: Re: question
well holy crap - i just noticed a few of your other tiles you have no problem with clouds! those are awesome... another question - why such a different style in those clouds than from the above tile?

Re: Re: Re: Re: question
Hey, thanks for the compliments. About the different styles: My intentions on this tile were to make some repeating shapes that could easily be morphed and manipulated into something by the neighboring tiles. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but (as I've said before) in retrospect I think I could have done a few things differently.

Nevertheless, tiling has giving me a chance to play around to try some different styles. Each tile I've made has been influenced more and more by stuff I've seen on other quilts. I've learned a ton of stuff here.

Thanks again and keep the feedback coming.