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This tile is from Mainquilters 25: Happy Belated 11th Birthday To iCE !

Comment: searching for the flying carpet for a 1001 nights
Checked out at: October 17, 2003
Checked in at: October 18, 2003
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Not voting on this
But if I was it would be a 0. What happened?
Re: Not voting on this
can you please explain yourself?
Re: Re: Not voting on this
OK! Looking at you previous work this looks like you realized you had a tile checked out(that you had forgotten) and tried to get it in under the wire in the last half hour. The blending where the arm on the next tile comes in is off. And some elements in the next tile you just ignore completely. Not at all like you normally do. As bad as my tiling might be I at least try to include more then just a basic black background. And if Jito gave you a five it is only because I irritate him so much that if I say black he has to say white. I like your tiling I think you are damn good at it much better then me. That's why I cannot vote on this tile. If I had submitted it I am almost certain it would gotten negative scores. And I just refuse to use the negative scale I see that as petty and punitive and this is supposed to fun not a place where people are saying your work isn't worth posting. I would never trash anothers work and while I might from time to time snap at people who I feel offer rude comments instead of feedback I have never and will never vote negative or trash someone elses work. That's just pointless. Does it explain it well enough?
Re: Re: Re: Not voting on this
ok, lets start by the fact that i didn't forget that i had a tile checked out but by that i was working on it for two days. because i worked on it yesterday, partied, did my work this morning and returned to finish it this afternoon. now if you look, my background is not black but a diagonal brown hues design. now other people's element? a blue area? from what i saw the only other possibility i saw was someone's ass. so sue for trying to do something different. by the way, how about that dark line of pixels on that blue area? being that it is my tile, do i not have the choice of interpreting the borders i got? so i decided on a desert hill, a rug and a surrealistic sky...
oh no! how could i ignore your border!
I'm aware of this tiff you have with jito and i can't say i completely disagree with the point he's making, even tho i disagree with the tone he's taken lately. but so far i've tried to give only constructive criticism to anyone.

i am not going to ask for this tile back, because i think i've done good work on it, not a 5 but a good work regardless.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Not voting on this
You are assuming that I was talking about my border. Why would you do that? I was talking about the one to the left. It doesn't connect. And I never said ask for it back now did I? You asked me to explain myself and I did that's all. I thought it better not to vote than to vote it down simply because I don't think it's your best. That's the problem with this whole rating nonsense. People use it to get at people they don't like. I have tiles that everyone else voted 4s and then there's like a 1 or a 0 (gee I wonder which mature person would do that) so it's obvious that the rating thing is not used properly by everyone all the time. And as far as a tiff that's Jitto's thing. I still like his work and I'm sure there is at least one or two things I've done that he likes wheter he would admit or not. I wish he was a nicer person but I mean I realize he is French so that's asking alot but one can always hope. :) (That's a joke jitto)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Not voting on this
i think the left border connects rather well actually, jito actually commented on that on texel's tile prior to your post. i've never used ratings to get back at you or anyone else for that matter, but yet one of my favorite tiles [greek statue] still has a -2 score on it. oh and by the way jito was a very nice person till recently, when his posts got angry. but i suppose that's none of my business so i really don't appreciate you involving me in this argument.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Not voting on this
Ther you go putting words in my mouth again I never said you voted out of resentment. I was simply explaining why I thought not to vote on it. And I would never involve you in anything especially when there is nothing to involve you in any thoughts that there is some fued going on here are fictional. I just think it's all a big joke. I would have to know someone to feel anything at all towards them. And I don't know him I don't know you I don't take this seriously anymore. I don't have time for that sort of agravation in my life. If you prefer that I not voice an observation in the future I'll be glad to comply with that.
very nice tile
i gonna love and wish
to work with you if you continu this way
Re: hey
thanks jito
Re: hey
i appreciate the 5, but i hope you gave it to me for the tile and not any ideological reasons.
Re: Re: hey
??? dunno
what u meant
but we could do good abstract works together.
if u study my work u see i like draw abstract things.

Re: Re: Re: hey
that is true, i like your abstract stuff. i really have a hard time with abstracts. by the way you really should finish jito-ny, or whatever the name of that quilt you did w/ raganaga was.
just a thought: a b/w abstract quilt could be really cool or really bad.
I voted a 2
But now I changed it.
It was very difficult to understand what your tile was, until I changed my screen preferences.
It's a play with dark on dark colors and is quite incohorent on some screens.
another example of that mistake