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This tile is from Mainquilters 25: Happy Belated 11th Birthday To iCE !

Comment: I teapot
By: TeXeL
Checked out at: October 14, 2003
Checked in at: October 15, 2003
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It's a Dali-Escher overdose!

Great work, 5 from me :D
(would have been 5+ had you given the person tiling from your top something more interesting than plain sky and the end of a twig)
Re: Clear!
Why a 4?
This is, in my opinion, my very best tile. So, I can't understand a 4 vote here if you don't explain it. Could you explain it, please? I understand you just don't like it, or don't make you feel, because that is just subjetive, but it was the expression of my feelings when I did it, so it express a lot for me. In the technical part, I think it is much more than ok, detailed enough, good enough sky and clouds, and good enough lightning. Of course all could be done better, but it is just a tile, nobody works weeks or months for a tile. About the distribution of elements, this tile is equilibrated, even color equilibrium. The same for composition, more than one different elements, that create a whole thing. The blending is good enough also. About the spaz comment about the not interesant border in the up, it was thought to have coherence with my other tile, wich shows also sky, and I think sky is an enough interesant thing, that is very subjetive, and I was not going to add any element at the up to break the equilibrium at my tile, it would be stupid.
Well, I suppose I am right enough in that what I wrote. So, why to vote this tile a 4 and not a 5? Is there any good reason? I mean, any really good reason. Well, I don't really get angry with that 4 vote, but I really would like to understand what is not good here, why my logic is wrong here. Thanks
Re: Why a 4?
Are you seriously complaining about a score of 4.8? Don't you have better things to worry about?

BTW, the person that gave your tile a 4 did explain why they voted that way.
Re: Re: Why a 4?
Sorry, I'm a bit crazy, I have lots of changes in my way of thinking, sometimes I'm very happy and sometimes I am angry, and this thing in just some minutes. Anyway, for my learning at painting (I'm learning with tiles, I started 4 months ago), I really need critics about my paints, from that is from where I learn. For the next time I have a bad moment, I will try to not write any comment like the one about this tile I wrote.
About if I was serious or not when complaining about that score, in the moment I wrote that, I was, but now I really don't care. It is not a joke, I have a mental disorder. I have more things to worry about, but painting and the tiles is my way to forget that. I'm not in my very best moment now because of some things, and I really prefer to use my time tiling and being in the world of colors than drinking for example. Of course, I go with friends, but at night, I tile. Well, that's it.
Re: Re: Why a 4?
>> BTW, the person that gave your tile a 4 did explain why they voted that way.

Well... I should be silly, but I don't know where is that explaination... ???
Re: Re: Re: Why a 4?
Sorry, I misread "would have been 5+ had you given the person tiling from your top something more interesting than plain sky and the end of a twig". I didn't see the +. I thought that they gave you a 4. I'm guessing that the person that did gave you a 4 had the same critique, because the tile is great in every other way in my opinion. I am guessing that score is an honest opinion and not someone trying to tank your score, or they would have voted lower.
this tile is awesome. i need to get me one of them drawing tablets.
Re: grrrrrr
Thanks carishon :). I bought one some 2-3 months ago, and it has been the best thing I've done. Everybody advices to buy a Wacom tablet, but, I've a 50 dollars Conceptronic FreeDraw (about 6-7 inchies of diagonal), and it works very fine. Anyway I've not seen any working Wacom, so I can't compare it.