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This tile is from Mainquilters 25: Happy Belated 11th Birthday To iCE !

Comment: ▌°¿º ▌we ♥ ice
By: jito
Checked out at: October 18, 2003
Checked in at: October 19, 2003
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Maybe it's just me
But I can't seem to understand what this tile is about.
What did you intend on drawing there? Or was it just you trying to blend well and that's it?
Re: Maybe it's just me
if everybody draw a scene in the middle of our tile
it gonna be hugly
it's just a link between tiles

also if it was an oil painting or acrylic
i will sell it to you
900 dollar
Re: Maybe it's just me
also wtach in the right diagonal of my tile
and tell me what u see.
cookies , rocks?
ask him :p
bye bye see you thursday
Re: Maybe it's just me
You must blend your tile with your neighboring tiles. Don't just smear the edges to match the other tiles, either, actually incorporate them in the design of your tile. Some of the best tiles don't have an individual picture in them at all, they just blend all the neighboring tiles in an appealing manner