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This tile is from Newbies 29: What You Talkin Bout Willis?

Checked out at: October 07, 2003
Checked in at: October 07, 2003
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nice blending and continuation, though this tile seems to give the whole piece a sinister, violent atmosphere.
i was hoping this quilt would remain humourous and light.

sinister silence
Re: sinister
I'm sorry i have a strange perspective on things.. and i'm a n00b to tiling , but i'm not prejudice or racist , i just kinda drawed randomly.. hoping i would hit somewhere near the topic.. but i've seen many newbie quilts on here that no one even stayed on topic with... for instance ... whats with the crappy chopped up picture of some guy with green dots heh... explain that..

you're right about that picture with the dots.
your picture and technique are very good.
it just struck a negative note with me because of the theme.
Re: sinister
so now that you are talking about sticking to the theme or not...
what is that sentence refering to anyway? what does it mean, who is/are willis and - what's more : who is talking about what. i don't understand.
please explain to the ignorant b0b...
Re: Re: sinister
b0b, you're kidding? You don't know who Arnold & Willis are? Don't you have tv in Deutschland? Actually, they're from this 80's tv show, Dif'rent Strokes (or however they punctuated it). If you haven't seen it, you're not missing anything. Gary Coleman played Arnold, and Gary recently ran for Gov. in California in the joke they called an election, where Schwarznegger won. "What you talkin 'bout Willis?" is the line Arnold was famous for.

Re: Re: Re: sinister
English TV shows use to be translated here (non English countries), so we don't use to know the famous lines in English... As bOb, I had no idea of what that quilt title was... and as far I know, I got no news about the Gary Coleman for Gov. In the TV news at Spain, I saw the Schwarznegger for Gov and that he won, but that Gary Coleman thing here at Europe is not enough important to appear at the tv news. Well, I saw the Arnold's TV show some years ago, so we know who gary coleman is, and it is very fun... so California elections were more like a circus than other thing :) Fun!
Re: Re: sinister
ho sinned... yeah the theme on newbie and mq are just suggestions... this is my favorite of your tiles so far. good job ;oD

i don't see how anyone could accuse sinister of being violent or racist on this one... he just continued his borders logically
Re: Re: Re: sinister
raga is right. it's all good. and BTW, i actually know what willis was talking 'bout, but i'm not going to tell anyone.