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This tile is from Mainquilters 24: Warm Colors Please

Comment: Birds at Venice
By: TeXeL
Checked out at: September 27, 2003
Checked in at: September 27, 2003
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Very abstract
I thougt you liked "more real" drawings, but since Jull started here, you are getting more and more abstract!! Why? (I just wanna know)

Very nice tile :P
Re: Very abstract
Trying different styles
Re: Re: Very abstract
I love this tile, and it looks like two things to me, first I see a man skating on bubbles, and second, I see a little twisted tree.
Re: Re: Re: Very abstract
I see a tree over a field of bubbles :D
Re: Re: Re: Re: Very abstract
With a simple tree in mind, but then I found it looked similar to a man, so I make it be both things. The unique thing I never thought is that the not completely-reflective spheres could be bubbles... I though only as spheres. :)
i really really love this one. it seems like it would of been fun too work off of, to continue.
5 from me :D
i love the strong colours in this its very surreal and hypnotic