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This tile is from Mainquilters 23: What Evuh!... We Do What We Want!

Comment: the amazing mouse-a-matic
By: mruser
Checked out at: September 17, 2003
Checked in at: September 17, 2003
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Hi mruser,
I advice you to don't use flare effect at your tiles... it does not use to look good and it is not coherent with the whole quilt. It is better to paint the especular bright reflections by yourself, not using an effect.
Re: Re: Hi mruser,
Yes, you are right... you are right. Yes. Well, changing my vote from 4 to 5 in this case :)
i voted 5(hmmm 4 days ago i think)
a little error on blending
but nice scene.
Re: vote
my blending was very good the tile to left is what fucked it up.
Re: Re: vote
you can be a hater,
it doesn't bother me,
but learn to blend if you continu tiling :pppp

Re: Re: vote
Actually, the tile to the left did a great job blending your tile. You did a horrible job blending in the tile above you. Your mouse hole goes right up and past the edge and doesn't blend at all. Also, it should be noted no one uses lens flares. I'm sorry, but they are very tacky. Not only that, but your lens flare goes up to the edge and again, does not blend with the tile above you. Don't rip on Jito's blending when you can't even get it down yourself.
Re: Re: vote
How does the person tiling to the left and AFTER you, fuck up the blending you did up top? Sorry, I guess I'm confused as to how that would happen.