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This tile is from Mainquilters 23: What Evuh!... We Do What We Want!

Comment: Ancient
By: mruser
Checked out at: September 16, 2003
Checked in at: September 17, 2003
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couple comments
hey man. glad to see you doing so much.
You did a really good job blending into the part of the right piece, making the fountain. The things that bring it down though are the hard edges at the top and upper right corner. It doesn't flow with the rest of the quilt. My little opinionated thing here is to always make sure that you at least make 1/4 of your final image blend with the surrounding tiles. The top doesn't blend at all. Hope this helps and i don't seem like a jerk.
negative score ?
hey ok, blending is not. seems like it was accidentally shifted down by some pixels. maybe mr user should resend it without that upper white line. anyway voting below zero without commenting seems little harsh for me.
Well, let me say this: I really like your artwork. I would like to see a little bit better blending jobs from you though. On a lot of your tiles it seems as though you dont bother trying to blend at all, or you will blend a small portion and then abruptly change the tile with a sharp line. When you put a sharp straight line on or next to the border, it destroys the quilts continuity. Personally, I find it easiest to do things in this order:

1. think about how i want to continue objects and colors.
2. blend in other tiles so that i dont have to worry about messing with the background later on.
3. draw in the main objects from step one.

Please dont take any of this the wrong way, because like I said, I really do like your art.

will not vote , but this is super hugly ;
consider i am desapointed as i did both borders
you used.. sigh
Re: hi
Vote don't vote it's up to you! I don't do this for your approval anyway so it matters not. But since you did bring it up the two panels you mentioned, do you consider those less disappointing then what I did? How odd that you would. They don't appear to be anything like what you are capable of based on some of the tiles on your home page. Anyway I wasn't very happy with the top border myself but since management on the mosaics seems to be nonexistent we get stuck with the crap as well as the good tiles. I would have been happy to redo the border. As far as it being ugly well that's your opinion and you are entitled to think whatever you want but remember(and I bet you have trouble with this all the time) it's OK to have an unexpressed thought.
OK to have an unexpressed thought.
what was it that you wanted managed exactly? if i were to manage anything at this point it would be tiles that don't blend. but mq and newbies is where we are supposed to learn and make our mistakes... so unless an artist requests more time on a tile, it usually stays on these type of quilts.

just my opinion but i think the borders you received were pretty good. your tile is ok... but your blend is not seemless yet. don't give up or get hostile, some people are just more outspoken than others.

just try to blend your checked out borders perfectly before you incorporate your own ideas.

Re: Re: hi
i always start my tiles blending the borders;
(did you noticed my blendings?)
and i don't check out borders i am not inspirated with!!!
So you can define me as the "perfect" tiler ;D (j/k)

long time ago i did what you did on the top of your tile.
it was the first time i blended on gecky tiles
2 years ago,(she was a noob at this time ,so do i)
and she did express herself about it lol.

today you can visit my graveyard ...
once i readed her post
i died instantly like after watching a banshee straight in the eyes
sigh! poor me.

you are invited to a new quilt called incredible city,
even if you did this tile here(yuck !haha)
you stayed invited and trusted...
you did good tiles ect..blah
that's why i invited you.
it's up to you now, you have a second tile checked out
on this quilt.
what are you going to do this time?
follow the "tips ,theme and rules " ,
give your best or not?

ps:to respond to you
being frank is my character.
better then doing a stock labeled "danger of explosion"?
Re: Re: Re: hi
Hey Jito, where is MY invite??? :)