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Comment: Not sure about this one.. it blends ok for what I had to work with (you can see why it was hard).. definitely the toughest because of that...
By: oblius
Checked out at: April 09, 2001
Checked in at: April 10, 2001
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I would actually strongly agree with the 2 rating. I was debating whether or not it even deserves the two. I hope my other first 2 tiles come up, I think those were handled much stronger than this one was. Probably because I wasn't boxed in on all 4 corners and was able to transcend from somebody elses ideas into my own and pass it to somebody else. Might of been easier if there was more elements, or at least colors, which passed across the tiles around me so I could bridge the gap. However, with the white box in the top right corner, the harsh ending between the wierd green texture and the blue gradient on the bottom, and the odd pattern coming in up right, there wasn't really much of a choice but to just end it at this tile.

I should of found a better way to end it maybe? Probably. :)

Personally I would give this maybe a 1 or so.

I like it, actually
Considering it was a 4-sided tile, I think you did very well with it! I really like the neat swirly thingy you did there =)
Fantastic Blending.
Sure, there's not much there as far as content, but I'm looking at people getting very high scores who haven't even blended. I always try to get tiles with the most amount of sides available and I know how much more of a challenge that is, so I commend you. Your tile makes an excellent effort to carry the color, texture and feel of the sides surrounding you. I've voted a 5. You'll start to notice that there really isn't any consistency in the scoring you'll receive here, but I thought I'd try to help you out for a tile well blended.
Re: Fantastic Blending.
Thanks for the warm comments! :)