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Comment: Not trying for technique, trying to continue patterns across more than one tile! Fight against the postage stamp tiles! =)
Checked out at: April 02, 2001
Checked in at: April 02, 2001
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I think you deserve a better grade than that. You are absolutely right that the quilt is getting 2 fragmented. We should try absolutely not to draw in the center of our tiles. I definitly will keep that in mind. Some of us really should try to keep the quilt more 'spatious'.
Re: nice
Thank you, GRRR =) I'm a great admirer of yours =)
yeah I agree
Rather than drawing a picture in your tile. Try to imagine how your tile can contribute to the WHOLE picture!

nice tile Nessa!
a little too simple...
It's nice to continue patterns across a tile, but I think you could done a little more with it....like maybe turn it into a waterfall with some rocks jutting out blockin' the flow.