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Comment: This is my first so don't slam me :) If you see black lines, it's because this is meant to look like a polaroid pic.
Checked out at: April 04, 2001
Checked in at: April 04, 2001
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I slam you anyway
I should give you a minus 5 but since you used a nice lady I've given you a minus 4 for these reasons:
-You didn't read the PLEASE READ part on the site
-You just copied the left border of your right neighbour and mirrored it in your tile
-You don't supply any color/pattern or whatsoever to be used by others who are making tiles around yours
-You used a picture in your tile which makes it a 'single' tile, not a tile that's part of the quilt

Well, I guess I just summed up 4 negative reasons, which would be together a negative 4 which is a minus 4, exactly! my vote :)

Maybe a -4 is a bit to harsh on you, I don't know, we'll see, I can allways change my vote again...
Re: I slam you anyway
Gee, thanks for the slam, er kind welcome. (?) First off, I realized some of my mistakes (the biggest being the fact that I did not inspect the quilt to figure out where the tile I was working on was going - so sue me, it was my first freakin' time) AFTER I checked in my tile.

Can anyone tell me if there's a way to redo a tile I've already checked in?

FYI, I did read the PLEASE READ info on the site; I attempted to do something different by not forcing a blend on every side of the tile - however, I think that I could have executed it more effectively, had I realized where the tile was going in the first place. I would not, for example, have cut off the butt of the chick in the tile above mine. My failure here was a case of an experienced artist contributing to a process I am NOT experienced in...and maybe a little too quickly...lest anyone assume that I am a complete moron.

I always welcome constructive criticism and will ignore harshness when it is unnecessary (since I am a "nice lady" for the most part - both in the pic and out.) I'll fix this tile, if I can, and if there's a next time, I know what to do.

Re: Re: I slam you anyway
No, we don't allow people to change their tiles. But don't worry, just grab a new one and try with that one. It's obvious that you're a very talented artist, so you will be fine.

Re: Re: I slam you anyway
Don't worry about finding your tile in the quilt. Work with what you have in the borders around yours and just be creative, let the imagination flow! :) Find intuitive ways to blend across your neighbors. You don't even need an "image" so to say, a creative blend is just as good. That's what the whole excersize is about! :)

When you blend the edges in, then a put a square in the middle, it looks like you didn't blend anything at all. It just looks like you somehow checked out a tile that was smaller than everyone elses.

If you would have just rotated the polaroid pick a few degrees, it would have been much more pleasing to the eye and blended into the quilt better. If rotating the polaroid made part of one of the corners run over the edge, even better. Then someone else could have blended something interesting into your image.
everything has been said. please try to cooperate and make the quilt a whole piece instead a whole bunch of different pictures glued together. this is your first try so no real harm done. make another one (better this time) but don't forget to have fun! :)
A little slack...
Don't get discouraged, first attempts are always rough. With a little tweaking, this could have been a killer tile. Keep 'em coming.
Just a question...
Dit you paint/draw the lady yourself or is it a picture, 'cause if you did it yourself, pfew, you're a great artist!
Re: Just a question...
I did it - combination of (scanned) hand-drawing & "digital" drawing...thanks.
gave a nice vote...
I'd do 'er.

I give you a -2 for reasons already explain by Takkie at the top, but I didn't vote quite as hard as him, because, it's a great pic by itself (i.e. not taking surrounding tiles into account), and also I like how you "blended" the wire in the upper right into the curve of the eye/nose.

Also, you said, "I think that I could have executed it more effectively, had I realized where the tile was going in the first place"...just so you know, NO ONE knows where the tiles are gonna go...that's the point of all this. You're supposed to imagine what's beyond those borders and entend it across your tile. Anyway, good luck on the next one.
Re: ...
As I said: I can always change my vote, (I actually think I will) I'm waiting for new tiles
dubious intellect
I thought no one would ever take this tile, considering what it was butted against, so to speak.
Re: Thanks
lol! I had no idea it was a butt. In fact, I thought it was a hat. Anyway, someone up there posted that nobody can see what any of the surrounding tiles will look like...I didn't know that either. Eh well, so you're stuck with a bad tile. It's not the worst one in there. ;)
changed my vote
hoping it'll motivate you to make more tiles. I'm wondering what you can do with your skills...