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By: bex
Checked out at: March 27, 2001
Checked in at: March 27, 2001
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Tips or tricks?
Constructive criticism is always welcome with me, gang. I've only been into digital art for about 3 weeks or so..(which I'm sure you can tell! lol) but I'm totally getting into this! Any comments, critiques, suggestions..ALL WELCOME! I want to learn! Feed my brain! Give me guidance! Mold me! (gettin' the picture? hehe)

Thanks in advance!


p.s. would it help if I mentioned I was a girl? ::shows a little leg::

Re: Tips or tricks?
Try not to paint in the center of your tile 2 much and try to incorporate some of the colours of your neighbouring tiles so your tile doesnt stand out 2 much. I know you want that :) but the quilt will look better as a whole piece then.

General tips for digi art? euh I work a lot with dodge and burn tools. practice on shading with burn and lighting with dodge (photoshop tools). these tiles are kinda small so zoom in often for putting in details. I usually draw a rough sketch, colour it in, highlight/shade and put details later. But you can mix that process ofcourse. Try to be original, I usually put personal stuff in it, but not all the time cause euhm well I suck :).

ps. You are not MY beckie are you? cause I have this friend who has the same name as you but I don't think you are her. she has nice legs as well =) hihi