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This tile is from Finally! The new site!

Comment: Err, lots of blue and black, not much to work with.. :)
By: ize
Checked out at: April 06, 2001
Checked in at: April 06, 2001
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Why can't I
see this tile in the quilt?
Re: Why can't I
I can´t see it either.. can it be that I checked in the tile as a .jpg instead of an .png ?? If thats it, it´s kinda weird! :)
Re: Re: Why can't I
All fixed now. The problem was that it didn't automatically generate the jpg version of the tile. I'm not at all sure why not. I'm pretty certain that many others check their tiles in as jpegs, so I doubt it's as simple as just that. I'll keep my eye out for it though.

Re: Re: Re: Why can't I
Aha alright.. you know, this site is really good! .. ofcourse you know that :)